miFLAVOUR Modern French Bakery


The best macaroons in Washington! Before this lovely bakery opened, my fiancé and I want to CDA to buy macaroons, but once we found out that a shop opened in Spokane, we got so excited!!! We both agree that Miflavour’s macaroons are so much better and bigger!

Ashley K

OMG!!!! DEAR SWEET BABY RAYS AND ALL THAT IS HOLY IN FOOD IS THIS PLACE GOOD. My husband and I came with our two kids here in search of macaroons. What we found was no macaroon. It was a piece heaven in the shape of a macaroon. And the mini Aubrey? I think they pulled a piece of mountian from heaven and coated it in sinful delight. This is my new favorite dessert bakery.

Hale M

Your macarons are actually the best! I loooooooooove loooove them! Even the texture and flavors everything I can’t explain it .but seriously they’re the best. The best quality!

Jelliann A

...I've seen other macarons, then when I saw yours I was like "they're huge!" Saw some again while I was out of town but couldn't bring myself to pay the same amount for such small macarons 😂 #miflavourforlife